Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Back to Burgos

To be honest I was still a little apprehensive about going back to Burgos; but part of me knew at least half of the issues should now have been address and the week should be easier.

I made my own way to the venue and saw when I arrived that things had indeed improved (at least at first glance). The meeting room was much more appropriate for our needs and we stayed in one room all week, rather than being moved around which helped.

The food was no longer such an issue; not saying it was perfect but far from a problem.

As for the level of the group, the difference in levels on this program was very apparent, from very low to quite high, which made for a difficult time for the lower levels and thinking what activities they would all benefit from.

The good thing is everybody's objective is different and everyone should have left with some improvement - the Anglo's were very varied and intellectual: so lots to offer.

Sadly, the hotel had around 150 guests for a wedding anniversary - so that had a slight affect on week. Mainly in the morning at breakfast, the staff didn't seem to consider the table layouts even after being advised :(

As for sketches, lots of variety and input from the Anglo's on that front so that was nice. Anything from pottery making to book crossing - which I mentioned some time back HERE.
That was my last program in Burgos and as programs go I hope my last, it simply doesn't suit the needs of the program
(in my opinion): not that the hotel isn't nice or the group was bad far from it.

The photos of our exploits are below
Vaughan Town - Burgos - Program 147


Xanadu said...

Glad things improved a little from the previous visit. Just think, next time everything will be perfect! lol. Hugs.

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