Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi ho Smallville away

When I was a child I would watch Zorro, it was corny but it was entertaining. It always ended with a cliff hanger - Zorro was just about to die when the end of the show came.
When the following week came around I would rush to see how he survived, only to see that some kind of Twilight Zone had intervened and now he was two minutes prior to his death and able to escape with ease. BAH!

I am a big fan of Smallville and really looked at it with some hope. I liked the corny references to the superman films and Clarks life and even spotting the 'in' jokes. The first season was weak, entertaining but weak almost everyweek so Meteor infected super badguy. However I could see promise the lead characters playing Clark Kent and Lex Luthor were strong.

It did indeed improve with time and I really got into some of the episodes; which they could have develoed further - Justice League. Sadly though they opted for simplier stories and too many Kryptonite infected freaks for my liking.
As time went by the acting became better and the budget improved and they kept teasing us as Clark's powers came into being. Everyone is still waiting to see him fly. Yes, he has, but not really. As Clark had seen his cousin fly and other Kryptonians he would be tempted to at least try... ...surely!

Anyway my point was not about flying but about the fact that everyweek it leaves you thinking that the next episode is the 'ONE'. The big one where things really happen, flying, revealed idenetities or the big match between good and evil. Sadly everyweek just like with Zorro, they seem to forget where they left off and a new plot line has developed.

To be honest since the writers of season 1-7 left the following season 8 is extremely weak!
To top it all off Lex Luthor quit during the end of season 7, so no more Lex even though they keep refering to Lex in season 8.

I for one am looking forward to this season coming to an end; which it is with Clark and Doomsday facing off - and about time too!


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