Friday, April 17, 2009

Masters strike back

This week I had the same Masters from the first week I did in Salamanca; they were a wild bunch then and luckily there was no big city to distract them this time.
There was a lot of work to be done though: 3 missing anglos, rewriting scripts, being an Anglo, and of course dealing with all those issues that arise over the course of the week as well as doing my own job.

The weather was.... ....changeable at best! One day sun, then wind, then rain and always the threat of snow!

As this was the masters 3rd Vaughan Town I had to set them harder challenges. I tackled this through new theatre pieces, new activities and turning their presentations into debates, there was little time for them to relax.

Spanish was still being spoken during the week! This is SO frustrating for many reasons, mainly because their command of English is good enough that they have no real excuse to use Spanish and also they know the drill. Really after all this time you would think they wouldn't even consider doing it. (personally if I had only paid 1 euro, I would want my monies worth and stick to English!)

The first nights performances went down very well, and I worked hard to avoid anyone seeing anything they may have seen before (not an easy task). I was VERY lucky to have on the program Lane (wonderful name, and person) who was amazing at playing the violin which she kindly gave a demonstration of during the nights session.
Tuesdays we did Karaoke and left quemada alone (better!).
Wednesdays performance the big one was Carlos playing Dracula and a howling banshee we didn't expect ;)

The party of course was the party and I changed the music for a more up-to-date mix of music as the crowd were a younger group in general and really wanted to let their hair down (boy, we use so many idioms!!)

As usual the photos can be found by clicking the picture below
Enjoy and I'm sure I will see some of you again for your last Vaughan Town in July; better luck next time boys ;)


Xanadu said...

Can't click on the photo at work. GRRR! Sounds like it was busy week, to say the least. Que Pasa??? There...that's my Spanish for the day. lol. Hugs, and adios.

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