Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Media

The media are excellent at manipulation: even better than us magicians, really!
The first time Jade Goody appeared to the national public was on the UK reality TV Big Brother show in 2002. Now not meaning to speak ill of the dead but she was as thick as too short planks.

The media relished in her stupidity and ignorance and suddenly the word "minger" became a national word as she once used it saying "I'm not a minger". She actually went on to win BB; how is beyond me, but she did.

She has an entry in Wikipedia, her own fragrance, appeared on many TV shows and released several books! So it seems ANYONE can do it. What was the secret to her success? I really don't know; perhaps it was Max Clifford who was the mastermind behind her, or maybe, just maybe she wasn't as dumb as they all thought she was!?

Sadly, Jade had cervical cancer and has now died (March 22, 2009); I'm sorry to say.
But yet again the media are frenzied, rather than letting people have a dignified ending they are soaking up every last drop they can from when the story broke to the bitter end. (I think they think as they created her, she's their property, to make and break)

The British media are sick individuals who prey on the weak and the innocent - the fact Jade's son wrote her a goodbye card is NOT front page material. Considering the atrocities that happen across the globe, the media SHOULD be too busy to focus on Jade.

She was not the first or last, to get and die from cancer - at least highlight the plight of others who live with this killer, give them the chance to tell their stories too.
One such individual is ALRIGHT TIT show her your support and check out her most excellent blog.


Em said...

You know what, I wasn´t even going to comment cos I´ve made a point of not getting embroiled in the life or death of that rather pointless individual.

But all I´ll say is if there was any justice in the world, my aunt´s untimely death from cancer should have been plastered all over the press too, as it was as important to the people that mattered.


Xanadu said...

Anything "normal" that happens to so-called celebrities hits the front pages, whether it's a death, marriage, divorce, scandal, etc. Then they go bonkers (Britney Spears, for example) because the public won't leave them alone. Go figure. Hugs.

a.i.Kitten said...

you knw i see ur point on tht and how the media works but u knw wht every body knws tht this is the key role and this is how its done doesnt mean ppl stop watchin it. and jade goodys intentions were to get as much out of it as she can to secure her twoo boys lives to hav a better more life .. i actualy wud support and share ur view point strongr but u cant disregard why her tragedy brought sucha movemnt to so many ppl why she's seen to b an inspiration and i knw ppl say who is she to b put spot light on and why juz her but then again why not her its the awareness tht every1 needs the reality tht help'd bring courage to other wther it may not have the same effct on some ppl it did on others isnt it..
i much as the media feeds off weakness i also think this type of coverage brings inspiration and helps ppl tht were lookin for the push tht she gave .. i think tht theres two sides to the argument isnt it?? dont get me wrong im not tryin to disprov u juz seem'd a lil bias

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