Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Worrying trend

I know that in the world we produce more food than we need, as a consequence we waste even more. I recall watching a documentary about someone living on the streets and what he was able to get from rubbish bins as the food had passed its sell by date.

Rather than disposing of this food to the trash can it not be sent to shelters - if the food is bad of course not, but if its packaged and perfectly fine but its sell-by is a day over surely its better that someone at least makes use of it, and at the very least cooks it properly to ensure its safe to eat, rather than throwing it away.

But recently there has been more and more people rather than going into the shops to buy food are going to the back of the stores and taking it from the bins (perhaps because of the crisis). Not meaning to stereotype but this used to be the homeless and gypsies, now even more people are doing it.

A car pulls up outside Carrefour and a family gets out, the child goes inside the bins and takes out what food they can. Later a little old lady is seen doing them thing. On the news it shown that some pensioners are no longer buying their vegetables fresh, but waiting for them to be discarded with the trash then sifting through the rubbish for the veg!

I think something is VERY wrong if we are choosing or having to do this.


Xanadu said...

I agree. The world is way too wasteful. Some of this food is still edible, and shouldn't be wasted. Granted, it should still be in a sealed package, but I'm sure (like you said) if it was cleaned, prepared correctly, many mouths could be fed. Hugs.

Em said...

The "freegans" started this a few years ago in the UK, raiding the bins at the back of supermarkets for the fresh fruit and veg. It´s obscene that so much stuff is thrown out every day - I know a few shops have started a scheme where the theoretically out-of-date stuff goes to a charity who dole it out to the homeless etc but there´s nowhere near enough people joining in with it. The ridiculous laws on Use By and Sell By dates need changing too as there is nothing wrong with most food, sometimes weeks after it technically went out of date.
There´s no excuse for anyone to go hungry these days, but it´s especially vile when each household throws away something like 3 grands worth of food a year.

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