Friday, May 01, 2009

My Favourite A to Z's

Below is a list of some of my Favourite things, from A to Z

Author: Paulo Coelho

Beverage: Malibu (with milk, pineapple or coke)

Cologne / Perfume: Diesel

Dessert: Cheesecake

Electronic Device: My Mac laptop

Food: Curry

Game: Metal Gear Solid

Hobby: Martial Arts

Ingredients as a pizza topping: Barbeque Chicken

Job (you've had): Personal Trainer

Kind of breakfast: Bacon butty

Living or dead person: Bruce Lee

Movie: Rocky

Novel: The Alchemist

Organic Produce: Potatoes

Program on TV: 24 (at the moment)

Quote: Be the best you can be

Relaxation Method: A massage

Song: Wonderwall

Time to wake up: As late as possible

Unusual Talent: Magician

Vacation Spot: Thailand


Xperience: Birth of my daughter

Yoghurt: Banana

Zodiac Sign (your own): Taurus


Lou said...

I like this dade, I might do one. Will link back to you if I do. We have lots in common actually.

Xanadu said...

This was interesting to read about you. Guess who's going to 'borrow' this from you? lol. Hugs.

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