Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smile for the camera

I have been taking photographs for ages and been interested in photography for quite sometime. However, it was one of those things I would always say, I'll get round to doing it properly one day. Well I guess that day has come. I am now actively looking into photography as a hobby with a view to being more.

I am amazed at the wonderful imagery people manage to capture in a photograph, I know little about the basics, lights and shadows, F stops, ISO etc. I take photos of what I like, of what appeals to me, at the moment I am just experimenting which is the way I learn best, never really been one for theory. I do need professional guidance though, this much I know.

Coincidentally as these things often occur - two of my closest friends have also taken up photography on a more serious note too. So I am hoping to learn from them and share tips with each other as well as our spoils. I would like to show you some of my work so far. Hopefully it will get bolder and improve much more as time goes by as I play around more with my photography.
If anyone has any pearls of wisdom please do share - or your own photo links for that matter.


Em said...

Cool pics, babe! Espec the tree trunks. Pearls of wisdom? Hmmm, if it looks crap, change it to black and white!

Unknown said...

Hey, just so happens I have decided to take up photography too. But unlike me you are already fab at it; you have some great photos! So I reckon I could learn a thing or two from you.

I have two main favourite photography blogs;


the former doing photography as a hobby and the latter doing it professionally. Check them out and hopefully you'll like them too.

Unknown said...

Thanks Gingerella for the links and the praise ;)

Unknown said...

Em: if it looks crap, change it to black and white! lol, so funny BUT TRUE!

Lou said...

OK your photo skills are fabulous Dade, you're really good. I must confess though I'm just as blown away by the stuff you've taken shots of - man I miss Europe - we have the odd train station or post office here that might be 150 years old and that's it, no history at all.

More please. Fantastic!! I also love the family ones in your rogues gallery.

Unknown said...

Lou your too kind.
Thank you I'm glad you enjoy them as much as I.

I will of course keep improving as much as I can and post them for your viewing pleasure ;)

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