Saturday, May 16, 2009

The start of things to come?

China's mom recently gotten in touch and has finally agreed for me to see China!

This is great news and something I hope will not be a one off event. I haven't spent time with her for ages and the last time I saw her was 2 Christmas' ago. She will have grown a lot since we parted as children these days seem to grow up faster every year.

I will show her the sights of Madrid and I will of course post the photos of our time together. Whilst she is here she will also get to see her sister for the first time Ariadna; quite exciting times!

Part of me is suspicious as to her mom's motives and why now? But I guess who cares, as long as I get to see her and spend some quality time with her.
Tickets have been booked and paid for, just a matter of time now - 1st June!!


Lou said...

That's great news. It wil be cool to see some up to date photos of China - is she a teenager yet? Does she live in England?

Unknown said...

Yes she lives in the UK, but no she is 11 this year - although last time we were together she was more like 18, so heaven knows now, lol.

Hussian Shah said...

Dade I am really happy to hear this is happening. I sincerely hope it does not turn out to be some silly mind games though. Give China a big hug from me too m8.

Hussian Shah said...

Thats fantastic m8, I hope this is indeed the start of a something good for you mate. Give China a big hug from me too matey.

Carrie said...

I know you two will have a blast together!
Take lots of pics! (like you need to be told!)

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