Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Microsoft going down

When I first got into using computers the thing I liked was configuring it to make it mine, the Amiga allowed to you to do just that - with a little hacks here and there.
Then I moved onto PC's and Microsoft, going from 3.1 to Windows 95 was a wonderful advancement - no hacking needed, friendly User Interface. Then came 98 and XP; I'l not mention Vista or Windows 7.

XP was good and very stable for the most part, but the demise of Microsoft was looming as they starting locking you into their way that they wanted you to work and operate. This gave rise to Apple and of course UNIX; the Ubuntu system is growing rapidly and very successful.
I have always liked Apple, no, I cant tweak everything but I dont have to, it works, its that simple. No blue screen of death, no unknown problem, no viruses.

So the switch was very painless for me, however I continued to use my Hotmail account as I liked it and it worked. (do you notice the past tense there) IT WORKED! Now Hotmail have forced me to go via a pop3 account which I have done, now I can only check my email every 15 minutes and ALL of my email have gone?! Deleted or moved I dont know but they aint there, years of emails just dissappeared - a case for Mulder and Scully methinks.
Why do they mess with things that aint broke, I never asked for improvements and I'm sure we could all do without them sometimes.

So the last part of Microsoft that was working for me, now has lost favor and it seems after a few looks on Google others are jumping ship because of the similar issues. I tried a quick work around to get Hotmail to forward my emails to another account, but Microsoft are obviously afraid of the competition as they wont let you, lame!

So now to switch to either my Gmail account or I may choose the Apple .Me account and get everything synced in one go (cloud) seems the simpliest option.


Em said...

I know I'm a tech-divvy, but WHAT?! Hotmail works like it always has for me - or do you not just read your Hotmail emails on the Hotmail website? Or does your Mac not like going to the Hotmail website cos it's from Microsoft?!!

Honestly, maybe the people failing to get peace in the Middle East, could sit Microsoft and Apple down together and get them to kiss and make up!

Unknown said...

No I dont use the hotmail direct account - since they have moved to Live there has been many problems.
I use Microsoft Entourage to get my emails - thats their own program and it still has problems.

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