Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scorching Salamanca

As per orders I made my way to Madrid to meet the Anglo's and as usual we had 4 of us to do a 5 minute intro - I honestly don't see the point of us all having to be there. Luckily Marisa has very kindly agreed for me to crash at her place so as to avoid paying more money for accommodation whilst in Madrid.
I got to meet a guy called Peter who is training to be a MC. We are yet to discover whether this is to pick up the odd program that is available or whether he is going to replace one us; we shall see. Personally, I think a proper sit down cards on table kind of meeting is well over due.

Well finally I'm back at the usual venue in Salamanca; instead of being everywhere else, but hey a chance is as good as a rest, so they say. The weather here is scorching hot quite a few of the Anglo's are returning from their 1 to 1's bright red! This week was a very small group only 10 and 11 participants.

Some of the Masters were back this week, this is their last Vaughan Town (they have done 4 of them now). I can see the improvements they have made but there are still a lot of simple mistakes being made. Really the only way to improve is to work really hard and take advantage of all the situations they have available to them, I know that's easier said than done.
They also highlighted the point that different teachers advice they say things one way and other teachers advice them another - this is obviously confusing for them, as I don't know the specifics I wont comment too much, perhaps you have to use what works for you; to be frank, lol.
After they finish at Vaughan Systems, they are off into the 'real world', I sincerely wish you all the best in your future guys and hope you achieve what you want for your lives.

The other Spaniards on the program worked hard, I saw during their freetime they were working on their presentations - this I like! It is always more rewarding to know the effort you put in was appreciated, there are occasions when you can 'blag' a presentation or 'wing it', but usually people can tell; I can, afterall it's my job.

The Karaoke was enjoyed by some special ladies who rocked the mic in private to several 80's memories and good for them.

The food was... ...well standard - a lot of fish; which I don´t like personally. However back to wickedly nice desserts: so dangerous!

As for the party, ohh my head! It finished late or early depending on your point of view. The masters tried to break me, I think they managed it. This morning I was good for nothing.

Good luck to you and thanks to the Anglo's too ;)
The weeks memories can be found by clicking the photo below
Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 159


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