Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smoke and Water

I have recently being playing with smoke and water in order to add some variety in my photography and also to help hone my skills a little more.

The process seemed simple enough but the setup was from it. I used tables and chairs and lamps from everywhere around the house. The shots look amazing - if only you could see the chaos behind the lens, lol.
I used a few incense sticks for the smoke pictures, a lamp and got in close.
For the Splash pictures I used water, milk
and even a drop of wine.
Both effects took some setting up and practise to get what I was after, once I had the general idea it was playing with different items to make it even better, more water, less water, more light, without flash etc.

Well needless to say I managed eventually to get good light onto the subject and perfect my timing a little more without the added expense of additional camera lenses, remote flashes or that's what matters.

If you want to see the spoils of my labour check out my PHOTOBLOG or my Flickr page which hosts a few more of my photos


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