Monday, July 13, 2009

Krysalis is born

I have been working hard for the past few days on a proper website, rather than a blog to highlight my photography, and so Krysalis Photography has been created.
Whilst in the process of putting this together the hardest part was finding a name. I first sat down and went through the obvious choices. They were SO obvious in fact, they were taken. Back to the drawing board, what message did I want to convey, who did I want to appeal to, should I use my own name; lots of questions.

Now it may seem obvious to use your own name, afterall, a self employed photography needs to be known and what better way, well some draw backs to consider. How easy is your name to say or spell? How common is your name? If the business were to fail that is directly linked to you! So I decided on a ambiguous but hopefully inspired name. Krysalis. Why this spelling? Firstly Chrysalis was gone, secondly the K is a strong character, thirdly the idea of something stored safe inside a moment like a cocoon and finally something beautiful emerges.
This of course led to the design of the Butterfly wing incorporate in the letter K.
I told you thought had gone into this!

There was no Superman like even though Kry - is in Krypton! Well not intenionally away who knows how my subconscious works, or my conscious for that matter.

I now have a Macro lens too, so LOTS more extremely close up shot to come!
So far it has been an extremely enjoyable journey, I hope it continues to grow from strength to strength as I progress in this art.

So why have I chosen to focus on photography? To start with pictures are all around us, from billboards advertising things, magazines, to lost puppy flyers. Pictures are everywhere. It is reported that 80 Billion photos were taken last year alone!! When you consider that even mobile phones now have cameras it shouldn't suprise us with the fact that everyone want to take pictures. I want to take photos that last and mean something, rather than snap shots of a moment in time. I would to have my work bought, shown and appreciated to some degree; what are the chances?? I will never know if I don't try!
The thing that I like is the medium is it is so vast, you could do portraits, weddings, advertising or modelling and much more, or maybe even a combinations of all and subjects are everywhere: family, people on the street, items in your home or garden etc.

The only limits appear to be your imagination and of course your finances.

But thats not all folks, we also travelled upto Gijon to watch Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai (my favorite remains La Nouba) with the help of Sandra of course ;)
This was my belated birthday present and it was very good, we got to walk around Gijon (which is better than Palencia), rest on the beach, take photos and later enjoy the show. Sadly there a no photos as Cirque Du Soleil have a strict no photography rule. It is a real shame too as the lighting and costumes were awesome. In part I understand it, afterall if you are just about to do a dangerous jump the last thing you want is 200 flashes going off in your face. After the show we went to find the fun fair, which didn't seem that far; it was!

The photos of our trip can be found at HERE and the 'specially chosen' ones can be found at Krysalis Photography


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