Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Photography 'exposed'

I have been snapping away and capturing some wonderful shots (even though I do say so myself). However on several of my photos I was over or under exposed - you know the types of photos, where everything is ghastly white or extremely dark, my solution before was to use the flash or to move to another position, what else could I do!?

Well nothing that was until I came across a guy called Bryan Peterson - then I literally had a light bulb moment. This guy is awesome. he explains in simple terms (thank goodness) what exposure is and how to use it effectively or compensate for it.
Now in order to prove my learning I went out today and shot some photos in a parque in Vallodolid, as they have roaming peacocks, flowers and some nice fountains.
All I really wanted to do today was put into practise the exposure tips and boy did it make a difference in light or shade I managed to get a perfectly exposed photo!!!

I spent a day reading his book and watching several of his short classes on Youtube, all of which where useful and informative. I must say he is actually a great presenter too. he starts off by posing a question, qualifies who he is, then gets into the action, leaves you with ideas and wanting more. On the otherside of the coin, he does remind me of Nick Nolte gone off the rails with his wild hair and even wilder shirts, lol.
Link to his WEBSITE
Really worth checking out and get hold of his books by any means possible! The thing I like about his style is he has a 'who cares' approach (yes, but he is that good, he can afford to) but it does take off some pressure when you think what are the exact setting for this photo or for this photo!?! Also and more importantly, he makes you want to pick up your camera and go take photos.

I spent maybe.... ....well too long watching BS home made videos on youtube offering little additional help or even contradicting what you had heard before (never good). As for the presenters OMG, they are awful! Boring, monotone, lifeless and several of them never even shown a photo of their own or the subject they were teaching you?!

I am pleased to say my photography is improving, but does have a long way to go. Its funny everywhere I look now I see pictures and photos or even opportunites for photos - the old addage "you get what you focus on" is SO true, no pun intended that time.

The sad thing about this is my friends in the UK are learning photography too, but I cant be there and learn with them. Instead I'm here in Spain, yes it is nice, but I saw only 2 photography clubs and both were on the coast. It would be nice to share knowledge and experiences with other photographers. When I was learning as a magician, it was a slow process, then once I got into the Magic Circle my learning excelled as there were so many talented people willing to help and share info and effects.
It took me a while to call myself a magician - at least until I felt capable of handling myself in any situation and I think it will be the same with photography it will be a while before I can consider myself a photographer.

Well if your interested in seeing the progress I speak of check out my Flickr Page


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How great! i especially luv the peacock and fruit slices.

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