Thursday, July 23, 2009

Santander blues

After getting home and resting for 5 minutes (more or less) we headed off the Santander to visit Sandra's sister. It's a nice place, lots to see, a beach, flowers etc; unlike Palencia, lol.

We stayed there for a few days and went out and about the city and neighbouring villages. We found a village that Gaudi built another house in. This one was decorated with sunflower tiles; perhaps Van Gogh was his inspiration?
Sadly the bad weather seemed to be following us around so lots of moody cloudy skies in the pictures I took.

I think I have now pretty much done the North of Spain from East to West. I have seen most of the middle and down as far as Granada and Cordoba, but as yet none of the South coast.

This time just for fun I have heavily edited some of the images, just to experiment and try different looks and styles. I used overlays, saturation, lomo effect, black & white and inverted images, hopefully they still make interesting pictures non the less. Below is a quick edited photo to show the benefit of enhancements. The first is the enhanced photo, then move your mouse over to see the original photo - I think you will agree a little touch up makes a big difference.

The snapshots are below and the chosen few are HERE


Em said...

Again, sounds like fun (though rainy!) - saw the pics in Picasa but either I was too early, or they're not identifiable in Krysalis.
When I hit the link, it took me to "Latest" but that was still a streetlamp from Barcelona.

The camera (and photographer) still doing a great job!

Mahmood Syed Faheem said...

Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.

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