Thursday, July 02, 2009

A 'wasted' day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon on a large strip of wasteland. Kind of a cross between someone's 'used to be' home, school and field.
The purpose of this was not because I was homeless and looking for refuge but to help me find interesting things to photograph and let me tell you the place was full of things. Apart from the buildings themselves, there was a river (very dirty and smelly) but where there is water there is life, flowers and insects, and of course lots of rubbish :(

It was a pleasant afternoon alone, the only other person in the area was a jogger; to be honest it is FAR too hot to run anywhere; unless you are being chased.
I managed to get some nice photos, and practise different things with the camera such as angles, shadows and depth of field techniques. Oh and a lesson learnt - don't waste your time chasing butterflies - you wont win!

I have entered some of my photos into online competitions just for a giggle, but amazingly I have won several of the contests!! Hussain a friend of mine in the UK, says I have a natural talent as I am artistic in nature; he's too kind. Really I just like being free and seeing what I can see and do. To be honest I know its taking hold as I am looking at the world with fresh eyes, which is nice, the big question is... ...could this be my calling!??!

As photography equipment is SO expensive I have sought cheaper but hopefully effective options. This is my DIY kit so far - a car sunscreen reflector, one small and one big floodlight and I have also bought lots of offcut material from a textile shop in town.
So far so good - really its all practise if/when I turn pro, I will consider upgrading. Although I was amazed to see that one professional uses a stick in a can as his stands - cheap and simple option that works wonderfully.

UPDATE: I have built a lightbox out of an old cardboard box with sides cut off and paper put on all sides. So far so good - why not give it a try.

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