Friday, August 28, 2009


A much quieter and more subdued group this week. A moment of panic struck me when only HALF the group turned up at the tapas!? On Sunday they all had shown up except for one, which gave us an even number of Anglos and Spaniards.

Punctuality was again an issue on many occasions, although its harder to keep track of time here as the city is a big distraction, it is still important for the program.

I felt my energy levels drop considerably this week; tiredness, group energy, I don’t know why, but not on top form. (perhaps I'm getting old… …er)

Missing Sandra and Pitu that’s for sure!

There was a lot happening in the 'outside world' which gave opportunity for lots of diverse conversations – Michael Jackson’s MURDER! The South African woman who won the gold was alleged to be a man; which in turn gave rise to discrimination claims. The Italian lottery winner and of course England winning the Ashes (sorry Marisa, get in my son!) There’s a weeks worth of gossip there alone ;)

There was a lot of interesting and strong personalities on the program which kept us entertained – intentionally or not. A few cliques too which didn’t help to make the group inclusive :(
I noticed that this week that we had a couple of non native English speakers (which is unusual), accents are one thing (and great as a comprehension challenge) but non natives is a different thing altogether, in my opinion.

A quick tour of the city was a welcomed break from 'the office' and a chance to get some photography done too. It was a quieter group as I said but enjoyable and fun non the less, the party rocked and then rocked some more in the city; but I really am getting too old for that.

One word of advice a wise man passed on to us was: DENY DENY DENY ;)

I did however mange to get APPLE PIE
(twice) !!!!!! You gotta love it!
The memories are below simply click the picture ;)

Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 174

Monday, August 24, 2009

The big one

Italy has had the biggest lottery win in the whole of Europe so far - 146.9m euros (£128.3m / $211.8m).

No one has officially declared themselves the owner of the ticket, although that doesn't surprise me. Firstly all the begging letters that are inevitable then all the possible issues that come with winning that much money (mafia target?!).

The question is does one person really need / deserve that much money?? Is it fair??
It one thing to have worked all your life or became a success at something, but how do you really prepare to be an instant millionaire?

The question I often wonder is what would I do with all that money?? To be honest, I dont know, I have an idea. I would look after close friends and family of course, after that I would set up a foundation to help people achieve their dreams. I think this is important and most of the time all people need and want is a chance, I would like to offer that opportunity.

As for myself I think I would set up a studio and several small business' to keep me busy, I would for sure continue to work, but also take advantage of what that sort of money affords you to do.

So what would you do with 147 Million???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On your marks....

This week Vaughan Town got off to a bit of a shaky start - but once we arrived at the venue it was business as usual. This time I was working with Mayte, its been about a year since we last worked together.

I spent another week spent in Gredos; this is great for my weight loss ;)
However next week I'm in Salamanca, and I'm looking forward to the change and to choosing what and how much I want to eat; this is awful for my weight loss ;)

The week was a breeze, really. All veterans on the program meant they knew what to do and how to do it, so there was no issues on that front. It was also nice to see familiar faces back again too.
A few issues with punctuality which for the most part got sorted quickly.
It was a very involved group on both sides, which was good to see. Surprisingly during 'Human Bingo' one of my activities the Anglos kept reading the questions wrong which meant a lot of false claims; which was funny. Well they did say they could speak English, not necessarily read it, lol.

The karaoke turned into more like an impromptu party, but I did get to gauge the music they would want for party at least. Again we were blessed with some talented folks musicians and singers so they got a spot on Wednesdays stage, reggae to opera, scary bedtime stories to scary Omar stories and much much more besides!

Interestingly I'm noticing a lot more photographers coming on the programs, could there be a specific market to tap into there?!
Mayte is now the undisputed sit and ride lawnmower/go-cart champion of VT.

The party was good in general; but as always people want their own kind of music which isn't to everyone's taste, but hey we do what we can with what we have ;)

As usual the photos can be found below.
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 172

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Life Expressed Through Songs

Just for fun try this:
Using only SONG TITLES from any ARTIST(S) & genre, cleverly answer these questions. Feel free to pass it on. You can use OLD SCHOOL, NEW SCHOOL, whatever you want. Repeat a song title if you like. It's about letting your Facebook friends & family see a little bit of what you're about, by using the titles of songs. (If you're an artist & have written your own songs, then feel free to use some titles from your own joints to help promote your music. The hardest part is narrowing down your responses to only one songtitle per question. (Just copy this & paste it to your notes, where it says 'write a new note'.) Repost as "My Life Expressed Through Songs". Type the name of the song first, then next to it or under it type the name or attribute of the artist (if you can remember the artist's name). Thanks, for participating. Hope you enjoy it! Have fun, Family!!!

Are you a male or female:

Describe yourself:

How do you feel right now in your spirit?

If you could, what would you do to help make the world a better place?

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Your favorite form of transportation:

Your life's theme: (for example: theme song, what are you about, spiritual or political views, etc.,) GO YOUR OWN WAY

Your relationship with significant other (ideal relationship if not currently in one):

Your worst fear:

What is the best advice on life you have to offer:

If you could change your name or attribute, then what would it be?

Name something that you like to do:

What would you say to inspire someone?

My soul's present condition:

If today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Easy street

This week was considerably easier. The group were older, but VERY focused and bonded immediately which obviously makes life easier not only for us but for them too.
No problems with hotel clients this week; although the hotel was busy. The hotel staff still need to be shaken up a bit though, it seems that the manager is going to tackle this issue.
Vegetarians are still suffering at meals however; a buffet would be the way to go in my opinion.

A lot of high levels and indepth conversations kept things moving forward and they never seemed to be short of topics for discussion.
The theatre sections went over very well as we had quite a few musically gifted people on the program too: guitar players, ukulele player and a table tapper, so they kindly put a jam session together; which was great.
Emma got to star in her own murder mystery - with some last minute edits, but it seemed to work.

The presentations were also of a high level and everyone appeared to have worked hard on them which was great to see.

As I have been here for the 2 weeks I took to opportunity where possible to nip up to the river and surrounding areas to take a few photos not Vaughan Town related; which are posted HERE
never did find the kingfisher though :(

Somehow I managed to catch a foot fungus (doesn't sound nice does it?!)
It REALLY hurt when walking around and I thought at first it was Athletes Foot but it turned out to be something else. So I went into the town and got some cream and powder which seems to be working.
Funnily though, on the way to meeting room the Spaniard who took me to the Pharmacy very nonchalantly asked "so hows your virus", I went as red as my feet! He never asked again
I also managed to catch an infection which sapped my energy on Friday totally and no it wasn't a hangover. I could feel it coming on during Thursday. I seem to catching everything at the moment (very unlike me, is this what happens when you get old?).

It was fantastic to have had such a great group and I meant what I said to you all in the meeting room. It is this mix of people that make my job worth doing and why I do it, Thank you again.

Below you will find the wonderful photos of our week together.
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 168
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