Monday, August 24, 2009

The big one

Italy has had the biggest lottery win in the whole of Europe so far - 146.9m euros (£128.3m / $211.8m).

No one has officially declared themselves the owner of the ticket, although that doesn't surprise me. Firstly all the begging letters that are inevitable then all the possible issues that come with winning that much money (mafia target?!).

The question is does one person really need / deserve that much money?? Is it fair??
It one thing to have worked all your life or became a success at something, but how do you really prepare to be an instant millionaire?

The question I often wonder is what would I do with all that money?? To be honest, I dont know, I have an idea. I would look after close friends and family of course, after that I would set up a foundation to help people achieve their dreams. I think this is important and most of the time all people need and want is a chance, I would like to offer that opportunity.

As for myself I think I would set up a studio and several small business' to keep me busy, I would for sure continue to work, but also take advantage of what that sort of money affords you to do.

So what would you do with 147 Million???


Andytgeezer said...

I'm not sure why I thought of you when I saw this video Dade but He-man and the 4 non-blondes : Dade

Kinda makes sense to me!

Em said...

£147 million. That's a ridiculous figure. And I see they still don't know who won it.

In such a small village, it must be infuriating to know that one of your neighbours has it, and isn't saying. Fun game to play though! Especially if you're the winner.

But back to the question? What would I do with it?

First: A good chunk would go to the Dr Hadwen Trust, who are doing medical research into all the worst diseases, but without the using any animal experiments.

Second: The obvious. Pay off mortgages and debts for me, my friends and my family.

Third: Find out what my closest friends really want most in the world, and help them get it. Not necessarily by just throwing money at them, but helping set up a business, or simply sending them off round the world for a well-deserved rest!

For things to keep me busy, I'd set up an animal sanctuary somewhere that desperately needs them (Greece, Far East maybe?), put some into animal welfare education, and set up somc kind of music therapy school/centre for disabled kids/adults!

Have I spent it all yet? Probably several times over.

But if there's any left, I'm buying a bloody AC unit for my flat in Madrid!

liam o'brien said...

If I won all that money I would buy a ps3!

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