Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Easy street

This week was considerably easier. The group were older, but VERY focused and bonded immediately which obviously makes life easier not only for us but for them too.
No problems with hotel clients this week; although the hotel was busy. The hotel staff still need to be shaken up a bit though, it seems that the manager is going to tackle this issue.
Vegetarians are still suffering at meals however; a buffet would be the way to go in my opinion.

A lot of high levels and indepth conversations kept things moving forward and they never seemed to be short of topics for discussion.
The theatre sections went over very well as we had quite a few musically gifted people on the program too: guitar players, ukulele player and a table tapper, so they kindly put a jam session together; which was great.
Emma got to star in her own murder mystery - with some last minute edits, but it seemed to work.

The presentations were also of a high level and everyone appeared to have worked hard on them which was great to see.

As I have been here for the 2 weeks I took to opportunity where possible to nip up to the river and surrounding areas to take a few photos not Vaughan Town related; which are posted HERE
never did find the kingfisher though :(

Somehow I managed to catch a foot fungus (doesn't sound nice does it?!)
It REALLY hurt when walking around and I thought at first it was Athletes Foot but it turned out to be something else. So I went into the town and got some cream and powder which seems to be working.
Funnily though, on the way to meeting room the Spaniard who took me to the Pharmacy very nonchalantly asked "so hows your virus", I went as red as my feet! He never asked again
I also managed to catch an infection which sapped my energy on Friday totally and no it wasn't a hangover. I could feel it coming on during Thursday. I seem to catching everything at the moment (very unlike me, is this what happens when you get old?).

It was fantastic to have had such a great group and I meant what I said to you all in the meeting room. It is this mix of people that make my job worth doing and why I do it, Thank you again.

Below you will find the wonderful photos of our week together.
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 168


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