Friday, August 28, 2009


A much quieter and more subdued group this week. A moment of panic struck me when only HALF the group turned up at the tapas!? On Sunday they all had shown up except for one, which gave us an even number of Anglos and Spaniards.

Punctuality was again an issue on many occasions, although its harder to keep track of time here as the city is a big distraction, it is still important for the program.

I felt my energy levels drop considerably this week; tiredness, group energy, I don’t know why, but not on top form. (perhaps I'm getting old… …er)

Missing Sandra and Pitu that’s for sure!

There was a lot happening in the 'outside world' which gave opportunity for lots of diverse conversations – Michael Jackson’s MURDER! The South African woman who won the gold was alleged to be a man; which in turn gave rise to discrimination claims. The Italian lottery winner and of course England winning the Ashes (sorry Marisa, get in my son!) There’s a weeks worth of gossip there alone ;)

There was a lot of interesting and strong personalities on the program which kept us entertained – intentionally or not. A few cliques too which didn’t help to make the group inclusive :(
I noticed that this week that we had a couple of non native English speakers (which is unusual), accents are one thing (and great as a comprehension challenge) but non natives is a different thing altogether, in my opinion.

A quick tour of the city was a welcomed break from 'the office' and a chance to get some photography done too. It was a quieter group as I said but enjoyable and fun non the less, the party rocked and then rocked some more in the city; but I really am getting too old for that.

One word of advice a wise man passed on to us was: DENY DENY DENY ;)

I did however mange to get APPLE PIE
(twice) !!!!!! You gotta love it!
The memories are below simply click the picture ;)

Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 174


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