Friday, September 25, 2009

What a week!

El noche en blanco (white night) was happening in Madrid last weekend. Basically this is a festival where all the museums are open all night for FREE and concerts and performances take part in the street, it's a very interesting experience and typically very busy.

So at the start of this program when we had 6 Anglos not show at the tapas I presumed they were off enjoying one of Madrid's many parties. The following day however we were still one Anglo short; a simple no-show it seems.

Ricardo worked very hard to get the rooms ready (I'm pleased to say) - as again this was a looming issue for us and our guests.
A very mixed and diverse group, South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Guana, New Zealand all represented; great for the ears of the Spaniards, and such a mix of personalities too; groups like this are fantastic, we had several veterans return too.
Folks seem to be getting a few tummy bugs lately, so perhaps think about bringing some medication for upset stomachs ;)

In the entertainment hour, we had lots of presentations offered by the Anglos; from one of them talking about his experience with adopting 6 children, another giving us virtual tours of stately homes to making pottery and more besides, so that was great. The sketches worked wonderfully and we have some great photos to prove it, check out the Yorkshiremen ;)

The Spaniards (including the masters) worked very hard on their presentations and storytelling too, with some wonderful performances from the likes of Alvaro and Jose C; Jose has a career in either comedy or stage work - his presentation had me in tears (in a good way you understand), again this reinforces my point of having them video recorded.

The quemada and karaoke went down very well too, which was good to see.
The party was interesting... ...lots of dancing, but also lots of sneaking off to bed early too, so before I knew I was left with maybe half a dozen dancers :S
I don't mind it has been a great week and EVERYONE worked hard and gave so much of themselves they were exhausted by the end.

One small hiccup threatened to dampen what was an otherwise great week, but it was dealt with accordingly and he was removed from the program without any further issues.

The flies this week have been 'a pain in the arse' (idiom), when I return some months from now they will all be gone thank goodness!

On a personal note: I have some tough choices ahead which will affect more than just myself, so I must tread carefully. With such wonderful people that I have the fortune of meeting and touching the lives of, it is making that choice so much harder.
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 182

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are we the lost generation?

Yesterday I stumbled across this wonderful, very clever and thought provoking presentation.
Of course I shall no doubt incorporate this into my work.
If you know of any other such works or things that made you sit up and take notice please forward them to my email address ;)

In the meantime, enjoy

Friday, September 18, 2009

Small, but perfectly formed

The group I had this week was small; even more so due to 2 Anglos being missing in action.
The levels were average this week, but were all keen to learn and improve.

The theatre pieces went down very well and even though I said I wouldn't be writing anymore sketches one almost wrote itself, after watching two Anglo participants using a computer; so I wrote out the sketch and they performed it wonderfully
(wearing their own wigs!)

Karaoke was great too as we combined it with a birthday celebration for Carol, I think the Cava helped get things going ;)

We were lucky with the weather, but that changed dramatically on Thursday, so we did a quiz and I think we had the highest quiz scores ever
(smart group you see).
As for the party it rocked until the wee hours with people drifting off at points, David G being the last Anglo amongst 7 Spaniards - Well done!

All in all a great week was had by all, and it was a pleasure to have such wonderful people ;)

One word of warning: if you come onto MY programs be prepared to get involved, I don't like NO's or I CAN'T. These are barriers and obstacles from which you will never break free.

When here do anything and everything! I understand completely that we have lives outside, I understand that some things may make you uncomfortable, but it is no excuse to exclude yourself or not participate; Obama got it right... ...YES YOU CAN!!!

The photos as usual can be found by click the picture below

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 180

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not a blog of note award, but...

This was passed on to me by the wonderful LOU from the blog: The quiet life. Check it out, its a wonderful, fresh read ;)

This is a blog award, where it originated from I really dont know, but it was nice to have an acknowledgment of my wee blog nonetheless
(also she said some very nice things about me).

All you have to do in return is share with my readers "7 things that I love", not including people, and then nominate 4 brand new worthy recipients, simple.

Below is my list:

1) Photography is my new passion. I love capturing a moment and making it mine.

2) Thailand!!! Simply love, love, love the place. Everything about it, the people, the culture and the food!

3) I love change. Things being new, interesting and exciting; routines bore me.

4) I love music. I think the world would be a boring place without it - TV I could live without, but not music!

5) I love performing, whether it's acting, magic or just being in front of people, I actually like public speaking, YES I'm an attention seeker :)

6) I love being creative and rising to challenges, I dislike failing at anything


7) I love technology. I think it has made the world a more efficient place and opened up a lot of opportunities in all sorts of arenas. Most of all I LOVE APPLE - long live Apple (I'm NOT a PC!)

and now for the nominations... no particular order:
BLOG SIN JAMON - This blog is by Emma, a friend I met at Vaughan Town, who is now living and working in Spain. You can find out about her trials and tribulations here by clicking the link

- I shall say nothing about this blog except it's your duty to go and find out for yourself - one of the most refreshing blogs there is; endorsed by Stephen Fry too ;)

- Great blog, simple, wonderful read and layout. ps some excellent photos on there too.

- This blog is by Andy, a friend who took it upon himself to create a 'real wall' rather than a virtual one. He is one a strange mission but it IS working and growing - he also has adapted a new Facebook layout; which is kinda cool ;)

anyway there are others I could mention but why not visit them simply by clicking on the BlogList link on the right of my page.

Thanks again Lou ;)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

All doom and gloom?

I recently managed to watch the new dvd HOME.
It was stunning from a production and informative point of view.
The messages contained within were clear, direct and wrapped around some of the most amazing videography.

Strangely enough this also coincides with what I am currently listening to - which is Bill Bryson's: A short history of nearly everything
Both are highly informative and well worth the investment.

Its strange maybe I'm getting old (I keep saying that!? Am I trying to convince myself?) but I am taking a closer look at the world around me and thinking about the how's and why's.
These both go some way to filling in some of those blanks.

At first the dvd entices you with great shots of the magnificent earth in all its slender, informing you of how it came to be the equilibrium of life and the balance of nature, then enters man! And boy do we know how to screw things up. Luckily we also know how to makes things better.
One of Mans best assets I believe is overcoming adversity, so I have faith we CAN correct this mess we have made and make a better future for ourselves and future generations to come.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Website v2.1

As I have some free time just now, I have managed to get some photography in and upgrade my website

I have now added Google maps to the site so you can see where the photos were taken and several other tweaks such as an improved browser etc. Not easy at all, but my coding is getting better. The problem I find is, it has been so long since I last did any coding I forget how, and its like being back at square one :(

I am looking at tweaking the site further still with hopefully the option to have larger or smaller photos displayed and maybe a slideshow too.

I'm also toying with the idea of updating this one too as it's looking a little old and tired (at least to my eyes). I have being running this template for 9 months; that's long for me.
So watch this space...

UPDATE: Whaddya know, all that talk of upgrading led me to playing and tinkering with the site next thing I know it's 3 in the morning and a new version is born, enjoy.
Let me know your thoughts ;)
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