Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not a blog of note award, but...

This was passed on to me by the wonderful LOU from the blog: The quiet life. Check it out, its a wonderful, fresh read ;)

This is a blog award, where it originated from I really dont know, but it was nice to have an acknowledgment of my wee blog nonetheless
(also she said some very nice things about me).

All you have to do in return is share with my readers "7 things that I love", not including people, and then nominate 4 brand new worthy recipients, simple.

Below is my list:

1) Photography is my new passion. I love capturing a moment and making it mine.

2) Thailand!!! Simply love, love, love the place. Everything about it, the people, the culture and the food!

3) I love change. Things being new, interesting and exciting; routines bore me.

4) I love music. I think the world would be a boring place without it - TV I could live without, but not music!

5) I love performing, whether it's acting, magic or just being in front of people, I actually like public speaking, YES I'm an attention seeker :)

6) I love being creative and rising to challenges, I dislike failing at anything


7) I love technology. I think it has made the world a more efficient place and opened up a lot of opportunities in all sorts of arenas. Most of all I LOVE APPLE - long live Apple (I'm NOT a PC!)

and now for the nominations... no particular order:
BLOG SIN JAMON - This blog is by Emma, a friend I met at Vaughan Town, who is now living and working in Spain. You can find out about her trials and tribulations here by clicking the link

- I shall say nothing about this blog except it's your duty to go and find out for yourself - one of the most refreshing blogs there is; endorsed by Stephen Fry too ;)

- Great blog, simple, wonderful read and layout. ps some excellent photos on there too.

- This blog is by Andy, a friend who took it upon himself to create a 'real wall' rather than a virtual one. He is one a strange mission but it IS working and growing - he also has adapted a new Facebook layout; which is kinda cool ;)

anyway there are others I could mention but why not visit them simply by clicking on the BlogList link on the right of my page.

Thanks again Lou ;)


Em said...

What a lovely idea. And I'm not just saying that cos you nominated me! :-) - Thanks though.

Am thinking hard about my 7 things. I'm sure I think there aren't enough and then there will turn out to be too many!


Andytgeezer said...

Cooo thanks Dade!

Still waiting for a postcard from you actually...

Unknown said...

thats true I have been lax in sending you something.. this weekends mission ;)

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