Friday, September 18, 2009

Small, but perfectly formed

The group I had this week was small; even more so due to 2 Anglos being missing in action.
The levels were average this week, but were all keen to learn and improve.

The theatre pieces went down very well and even though I said I wouldn't be writing anymore sketches one almost wrote itself, after watching two Anglo participants using a computer; so I wrote out the sketch and they performed it wonderfully
(wearing their own wigs!)

Karaoke was great too as we combined it with a birthday celebration for Carol, I think the Cava helped get things going ;)

We were lucky with the weather, but that changed dramatically on Thursday, so we did a quiz and I think we had the highest quiz scores ever
(smart group you see).
As for the party it rocked until the wee hours with people drifting off at points, David G being the last Anglo amongst 7 Spaniards - Well done!

All in all a great week was had by all, and it was a pleasure to have such wonderful people ;)

One word of warning: if you come onto MY programs be prepared to get involved, I don't like NO's or I CAN'T. These are barriers and obstacles from which you will never break free.

When here do anything and everything! I understand completely that we have lives outside, I understand that some things may make you uncomfortable, but it is no excuse to exclude yourself or not participate; Obama got it right... ...YES YOU CAN!!!

The photos as usual can be found by click the picture below

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 180


Katharen said...

Great! I enjoy reading your blogs Dade. But I believe that you can say no to things & you may not have an excuse but a reason & one that's good enough for you. None of us should ever feel pressured to say 'yes' to everything & anything.

Unknown said...

Of course you can say NO.
To put my point into context - what I do is 'teach' Spaniards English through a variety of mediums such as singing, theatre, sketches, jokes, presentations and many other formats.

When asked to involve yourself in this it is VERY easy to stay within a comfort zone and exclude yourself; but if you really want to learn and grow you MUST be open and rise to challenges presented.

So sadly here, they will feel pressure (but nice I promise)

Suse said...

Well, I enjoyed the sketch you and I did, Dade - and an appreciative audience helped!

Didn't realise I had so many chins until I saw the photo :-(

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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