Friday, September 25, 2009

What a week!

El noche en blanco (white night) was happening in Madrid last weekend. Basically this is a festival where all the museums are open all night for FREE and concerts and performances take part in the street, it's a very interesting experience and typically very busy.

So at the start of this program when we had 6 Anglos not show at the tapas I presumed they were off enjoying one of Madrid's many parties. The following day however we were still one Anglo short; a simple no-show it seems.

Ricardo worked very hard to get the rooms ready (I'm pleased to say) - as again this was a looming issue for us and our guests.
A very mixed and diverse group, South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Guana, New Zealand all represented; great for the ears of the Spaniards, and such a mix of personalities too; groups like this are fantastic, we had several veterans return too.
Folks seem to be getting a few tummy bugs lately, so perhaps think about bringing some medication for upset stomachs ;)

In the entertainment hour, we had lots of presentations offered by the Anglos; from one of them talking about his experience with adopting 6 children, another giving us virtual tours of stately homes to making pottery and more besides, so that was great. The sketches worked wonderfully and we have some great photos to prove it, check out the Yorkshiremen ;)

The Spaniards (including the masters) worked very hard on their presentations and storytelling too, with some wonderful performances from the likes of Alvaro and Jose C; Jose has a career in either comedy or stage work - his presentation had me in tears (in a good way you understand), again this reinforces my point of having them video recorded.

The quemada and karaoke went down very well too, which was good to see.
The party was interesting... ...lots of dancing, but also lots of sneaking off to bed early too, so before I knew I was left with maybe half a dozen dancers :S
I don't mind it has been a great week and EVERYONE worked hard and gave so much of themselves they were exhausted by the end.

One small hiccup threatened to dampen what was an otherwise great week, but it was dealt with accordingly and he was removed from the program without any further issues.

The flies this week have been 'a pain in the arse' (idiom), when I return some months from now they will all be gone thank goodness!

On a personal note: I have some tough choices ahead which will affect more than just myself, so I must tread carefully. With such wonderful people that I have the fortune of meeting and touching the lives of, it is making that choice so much harder.
Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 182


Ingrid said...

I want to sometimes visit this festival! IT SOUNDS SOO MUCH FUN FUN FUN! :):):):):)
Thank you for sharing your experience!

I'm sure that if I ever get to Madrid I will most definitely try to schedule my time with the festivals time!
We have these same festivals here where I live too (Estonia) but they are more held back .. and not so wide ranged!

Btw, this is my first time on your blog and I found it on BlogCatalog! :)

Take care, and keep on writing,

Unknown said...

Well thank you and your welcome to drop by anytime ;)

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