Friday, October 23, 2009

Desert my dessert... ....NEVER!

Another small group this week and yet another no-show. Was the group small because of the time of year or the recession? I'm not sure but I am sure both things have an affect, next year could be interesting as we await to see the dates we have for programs!?

The group themselves were great, older and loved to talk, although they found it more tiring than they had expected; talking for 12 hours about everything and anything IS tiring, so be prepared. I have said it before, Vaughan Town is not a holiday ;>)

The food was below par this week, which was a shame but the desserts were still good

Things were going swimmingly until I awoke on Tuesday morning deaf in my right ear!
I had a really high pitched whistle sound for maybe an hour, and I could not distinguish sounds or voices, I could only hear muffled noises, that continued for the remainder of the day.
The next day my hearing was almost back but still not the same as my left ear, but now my head, neck and throat ached, so I think I had an infection.

That aside, things were fine and we cracked on not letting that slow things up; as we had a lot to get through: theatre, singing, dancing, presentations, stories, a quiz and of course a party!
The quiz was SO close and we had a tie for the first time! - he who dares wins ;)

As usual the folks did a wonderful job on both sides, which helped the bonding process and most realised that when they weren't on a one to one they still wanted to hang out and chat which is VERY important and shows how much they enjoyed the company.

I seemed to have forgotten lots this week, jacket (important as it's colder now), my phone, my camera and some material!! Damn old age is creeping up on me!
Luckily I had my other camera, so I used that, phew!!

The photos of the week can be accessed by clicking below
Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 189


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