Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pitu's big day out

As I had a little time off between programs Sandra, Pitu and I went to Madrid for a few days and to the zoo; courtesy of tickets that Covadonga sent to me (many thanks for that).

Now that pitu is walking about everything is an adventure to her.
She is growing so quickly now, not only is she talking, walking, dancing but also her teeth have come through. It seems every time I come back she has taken yet another step in her growth.

Anyway we went to the zoo and she got to see the various animals and she shouted at the dolphins. In Madrid she walked around the palace; everyone though she was so cute, I could have made a fortune just sitting her there and people give her money (maybe an idea for the future, lol).

She also has a moody aggressive side where she will growl at people she doesn't like!
Not sure were she gets that from :S

Later that night we went for a Indian meal and she actually wanted to eat my Madras after having a little taste!! (not as hot as in England, but still packs a punch for a pitu)

The photos of her big day out can be found below


Cindy / Aka Chymecindy said...

I like the slide photos!

Lille Diane said...

Beautiful. Thank you for taking me to the Madrid Zoo. And thank you for finding my blog, and gracing me with your presence there.

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