Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stealing thunder

As Windows releases its version 7 the folks at Apple are already creating their mocking ads - worth checking out, below's one I particularly liked

They are not happy stopping there, they have also just released a brand new 27" iMac, which looks amazing - twice as sharp twice as fast!! Not only that but they have a fantastic new mouse with their touchpad technology built in or rather on it and also the wireless aluminium keyboard. I wont bore you with the details, if you want to know the specs of this fantastic machine head HERE

Now that's a present Santa would keep for himself :)


Em said...

Thumbs up to the ad (yeah, I know, so get a Mac!)

Thumbs down to blog in green text. Can barely read it.


Andytgeezer said...

I agree on the green text. Not really sure what that's all about.

Unknown said...

changed to a darker green, sheesh!

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