Friday, November 27, 2009

Adios or Hasta luego to Salamanca?

I arrived in Madrid earlier this week, as I had to sort my passport out; it needs renewing.
So I went to the British Consulate to see what I had to do.

You get some VERY strange looks when you go into an embassy with a very large suitcase
(it was full of my weeks supplies for work).

The following day I went looking for a camera shop that Scott (Marisa’s son) told me about.
I found it and WOW! Now that is a photo shop!! Some much in there and so busy, it made me realise how little I still know.

Later on was the tapas, our old venue has closed down so we had to use a new one; it’s OK short term but sharing it with football supporters is not a good idea :S

This group was very big maybe the biggest I have had in VT, which on one hand is great on the other a challenge. The meeting room however was a little small for this amount of people; but we managed none the less.

The food started off well, but sadly as the week progressed the standards slipped from day to day - and I'm beginning to look and feel like an egg!

Lots of people meant lots of work and lots of fun. We had some great stories and presentations shared by some of the Anglo’s, it would have been nice to have more presentations from the Anglos though given the amount of them and their vast experiences.

The karaoke was enjoyed a lot and we had a great group of singers.

As for the Masters their challenge was debates, very difficult, but they did well, considering they have never done them before and it was in English. Joaquin shared an excellent story as his presentation; one I may well steal ;)

We had people from all over the world, which was great to see: South Africa, Philippines, Latvia, Ireland, America, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, so an enormous linguistic challenge/opportunity for the Spaniards to take advantage of.

Good luck with the baby Victoria, you will make a great mommy.

I do find it interesting that you give so much of yourself and there is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work yet some people still expect more?!

This week was made uncomfortable by the fact that the staff in the hotel told us we are no longer using the venue next year and asked why: as yet I have had nothing confirmed either way and couldn’t offer any comment or explanation.
However, it would be nice to be kept informed of changes for obvious reasons.

The photos of the weeks craziness can be found below

Vaughan Town - Salamanca - Program 194

footnote: another thing on my mind this week is the birthdays of China and Ariadna (China’s on Thursday and Ariadna’s on Saturday), I bought China a laptop and Pitu bi-lingual toys.


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