Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Photography progress

Still trying to get to grips with my photography. I recently bought a flash unit; which it too turned out to be more complex than simply attach and click.

I can see I have SO much learn. I fear I will get the better of myself and as usually run before I can walk, but what the hell that's the way I am.

I don't think I have a style to speak of, but people do seem to like the photos so far. To be honest so do I. I do wish however I at least had a grounding in photography to understand what works and why - rather than what looks good. I would then be able to take my photos from good to great.
At the moment I have covered most types of shots and keep experimenting not only with my shots and angles but also in Photoshop which helps tweak them that bit more or even change the whole feel of the photo - it's not so much about showing what I see but what I want you to see.

However rather than me being the judge I will let you, so feel free to check out KRYSALIS
and why not leave comments whilst you're there or here for that matter ;)

Here is a taste of my photos go see the rest
QUICK ADDITION: any photographers out there click HERE to see a special planned event for December 12, 2009


Em said...

As I've said before, you clearly have a talent for it, but we're all guilty of expecting too much too soon! Keep at it.

I love the landscapes the best, but the weird and wonderful macros were very cool too.

My only issue is Photoshop. I know it can't make a really bad photo into a great one (or can it?), so there has to be a decent basis to start from, but I have this kind of idealistic notion that photographs should be pretty much seen as taken, that's what's meant to be impressive about a photographer! So Photoshop turns it into art, or IT, not photography. Does a great photograph these days show the photographer's talent with a camera, or with technology? Maybe I'm just old-fashioned!

But regardless, stick with it!

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