Sunday, December 20, 2009

F.A.Q's @ Vaughan Town

Whilst at Vaughan Town there are some question which always get asked.
So in an attempt to address these questions (and to save repetition), see below:

Q: What do you do?
A: Good question. I’m basically a self employed entertainer / motivator / coach / teacher
and more besides.
Me: magic is my thing, but I also like telling bad jokes, performing and variety –
a ‘jack of all trades’, so to speak. Musically I’m awful!
Rob: is a musically gifted bloke from ‘up North’ in England, many many talents –
but music is his passion
Greg: theatre is in his blood. An American who will teach you all you need to know to get
you performing on stage. Woody Allen fan and personality

Each Master of Ceremonies (MC) has his own style and approach to the job.
My take on the job is to get the best from the participants.
I choose who will do well in what capacity and I try to build a program specific to the needs of the group and individuals.
I do not feel this is a ‘one size fits all’ kind of program and I have worked very hard putting together and creating scripts, theatre pieces, jokes and all kinds of ice breakers / energizers and activities, which means I have something for everyone, and each program is different; that’s my aim anyway.

Q: How long have you been an MC?
A: Around 3 years now

Q: Do you always work with the same Program Director?
A: No. Like the MC’s the PD’s have their own way of doing things and also have their own personalities: which adds to the mix as well, variety is the spice of life.
Carmen is a sweet genuine person with a heart of gold; who will help you with anything except LOVE and MONEY.
Marisa looks Spanish but do not be fooled she is an Aussie with fabulous eyes and even more (bad) jokes than me, she’s also a great dancer and teacher.

Q: Do you like your job?
A: Of course. I get to meet wonderful, extraordinary people almost weekly.
I get to see the fruits of my labour grow before my eyes as the participants grow and learn together and leave feeling closer to each other and much more confident
(which is really the secret)

Q: Which venue do you prefer and why?
A: San Ziolo: Nice venue, steeped in history, part of the Camino De Santiago, rumoured to be haunted, staff nice, bad desserts!
Montfrague: Great staff, sadly venue not really 4* quality, issues with water,
VERY isolated location, food OK
Zamora: OK, the staff OK, the location OK, the venue OK – just OK
Burgos: In my opinion too big for our needs. I didn’t feel participants were catered for
properly. Not the best venue for parties, food poor. Nice city though.
Salamanca: Very nice venue and staff. City can be distracting; lots of bars etc.
Plenty to see and do. Fantastic desserts.
Good for Master students, or students who have been to Gredos
Gredos: Very nice venue/location, staff OK (few issues, although the manager is working hard to sort this), isolated location, amenities need to be paid for,
perfect for low levels or first timers. Not a lot to see and do especially in winter.

Q: Which is better, the city or an isolated location?
A: For me both have pros and cons.
For participants with low levels then the isolation is what you really need to focus without
For participants with higher levels you need to be able to deal with distractions, as this is
what the real world will present.
For the Anglos the city offers them a chance to see part of Spain’s culture and history, so
it’s nice for them.

Q: Is this the best group ever!?
A: Every week almost without fail someone asks that very question.
Each week is different, a different dynamic, different personalities, different outcomes
and I like that it makes them unique, as your experience should be.

Q: What would you do if someone spoke Spanish?
A: This is THE cardinal sin!!! Whether you are English or Spanish, do NOT speak
Spanish. It defeats the purpose of you being here. If you speak Spanish and we hear you, you will be reminded of the rules, if caught again you will be removed without question.
Please don’t, it’s not worth it ;)

Q: Have you ever had to remove someone from the program?
A: Sadly yes, but only for good reasons.
Speaking Spanish, drunk and disorderly, inappropriate behaviour, not wanting to
participate (I’m on holiday attitude).
Any of the above reasons and others besides will be enough to have you removed from
the program and people have gone for these very reasons.

Q: Does the program really work?
A: Yes, I wouldn't work for something I didn't believe in. Having said that like everything
else in life, you get out of it what you put in. You will not speak fluently in 5 days.
However you will feel more confident in your ability to speak English, have less fear about making mistakes and leave knowing that you CAN actually speak English
(at least on some level).


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