Friday, January 29, 2010

An Apple a day

The first thing Apple did in their keynote speech was put to bed the idea of releasing a Netbook;

IT WONT HAPPEN!!  Thank goodness for that. However, you may or may not have heard that Apple have decided to release their iPad. 
What's an iPad? I hear you ask.  Well think of an iPhone or iTouch and make it bigger.
The iPad screen is 9.7" it has 10 hours of battery life and it comes with all the gadgetry you would expect to find in an iTouch and then some!  I was wondering why Apple hadn't developed much for the iPhone knowing it was such a big product for them and now I see why.

I really like my iTouch, the fact I can access what I want and it's so light and portable, but to be honest to view the web with, it just doesn't cut it. 
The app store has had some great apps developed which makes for fun ways to while away the hours as well as being truly useful tools too.  Apple (and others) have developed some amazing looking apps and programs to run specifically on the iPad.  They have redesigned everyday programs to work simply from touch, now thats incredible!  You really do have it all at your fingertips.

Apple are revolutionary when it comes to technology and yet again I'm sure this will be a big hit for them and copies will be springing up all over the place.

I honestly believe this is the ultimate tablet which companies have being trying to perfect for ages, and I didn't think Apple would bother, but they have and have done a great job.
I would however wait for the next gen of iPads before rushing out to buy one, as Apple will continue to develop this and improve upon it.

However if you cant wait why not go and buy one, afterall the best part of this story is they are ONLY $499!!!!  Now from Apple that is EXCITING!!!


C: said...

Yeah, I agree. I just got my iTouch, (the big 64Gig,) and I love it to bits, but...

This thing is HOT! I want one. And if the 2nd, (or more likely, 3rd,) generation iPad, includes a few more abilities, and Gigs, and Apple irons out any bugs that pop up along the way, and the price remains this accessible, I will have one.

And name it Myrna. And love it.

Andytgeezer said...

i quite dig my iPod for casual web browsing and reading stuff like google reader. Personally I can't yet see why I would want to get an iPad. I have a PC for producing work and an iPod touuch for consuming the web when I'm doing the cooking. For me, and iPad would be a little bit too large to potter with and I don't think I'd get the urge to produce my blog on it.

I'll probably eat my words when it comes out though...

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