Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to work

Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, so back to work it is.  Having finally gotten the schedule for this year I see I have considerably less programs; in fact I have 1 a month :-S 

At the tapas yet again we were having to compete with football - which was difficult as it was Madrid vs Barcelona (an important match, apparently).  The bar manager seemed unhappy to have us there, in fact starting clearing away the tapas before we had even finished it!?
We were missing a few Anglos this week which meant everyone had to work harder.  Folks if you do decide to do a program please try to stick to that commitment - if you cant, for whatever reason, PLEASE do let the office know in advance so they can resolve issues beforehand.

About half the group were veterans (people who have been before), which helped as they understood the program and issues we were facing this week, we also had a few repeat Spaniards which is less common; as usual it was nice to see familiar faces.
The Quemada was went well - although almost refused to be put out!
The theater pieces were enjoyed by the group and again a fun time was had by all.  We had some nice additions to the presentations from the Anglos this week as Tom brought Irish chocolates, Marisa brought an Indian Spirit and Jon brought his families liqueur and we all got to try them, YUMMY!
Marisa has recently returned from a trip to India so she kindly agreed to share her experience and photos with us, which was great - when the PD performs its an honor!  Thanks for doing that ;) 

The weather this week was OK, a little cold at night and bad weather looming, I tried to get some night shots in of the stars but sadly within a few minutes the clouds had covered them :(

As for the presentations, sadly due to the lack of Anglos the poor Spaniards worked hard on them and hardly had an audience to present to; maybe only one person and me!  This week was hard everyone was busy with hardly any freetime and quite a few repeating one to ones - ideally this should be avoided as it does getting boring for people, something to think about as the Spaniards wanted more than they got in this aspect.

The party was great - some cool photos there, I have no idea what happened to the last 10/15 minutes??  If anyone knows please send me an email - I think I was abducted by aliens or something, but the next morning I was worse for wear.  Somehow I also managed to break my Lumix camera!!!  Luckily its not my pro one or I would have been gutted!

The photos as can be found by clicking below

Vaughan Town - Gredos - Program 197


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