Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show Reel

Having taken so many photographs its easy to forget and miss some of them, so I thought I would put together a quick showreel.
I have never made one before nor for that matter have I used iMovie, so lots of learning today.
I did enjoy doing it although it did get frustrating at times.  Thinking what music would be suitable, how to get the timing right, which photographs to use and what order should they be put into; see its not just thrown together, I work hard for myself and my audience ;)

I shall have to spend some time learning more about iMovie and hopefully as my photography improves I can make another showreel; which too will have improved.

Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod: as I figure

Hope you like it, enjoy.


Em said...

Nicely put together, very relaxing too! Good showcase. :-)

gh said...

Great images to be shown and it does look as though you thought about it good and put the time into preparing it.
Very nice!

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