Saturday, January 23, 2010

Smile please; or not

Thousands of professional and amateur photographers have lit up London's Trafalgar Square with their flash bulbs in a protest against the police's "malicious" use of stop and search powers.
The snappers claim officers are routinely using laws designed to foil terror attacks to prevent people taking pictures in public places.

source: Sky News

Well I for one am glad to see Britain's standing up for their rights, all too often we sit back and complain but do nothing about it.  Given the current situation I understand the need for vigilance but I dont think the Government or Police are right with their approach at all.
Interestingly enough the digital camera market has had a boom; especially this Christmas - so I wonder what their input is?  If we can no longer take shots in public places, surely this has an effect on them too!?

Say it loud and proud : WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS, WE ARE CITIZENS! 
With or without a camera we demand our rights back.  Nanny state Britain has to end.


Em said...

Damn right! And, as they said in the video, you CAN still take pics. Sections 43 and 44 of the Terrorism Act both say "does not prohibit the taking of photographs, film or digital images in a public place/authorised area and members of the public and the press should not be prevented from doing so in exercise of the powers conferred...."

Maybe photographers should print that and carry it round with them as a reminder!

The powers that be are getting way too free and easy with hiding behind terrorism fears, to get more and more control over people's daily lives. This way, people end up being just as frightened of the authorities as they are of the terrorists we're meant to be protected from.

George Orwell was just 25 years too early with his title.

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