Monday, January 04, 2010

Week 1 of 52

Bet you didn't think I would even get my project off the ground, but I did, week 1 of 52 in the bag.
The theme I chose was LINES and we are surrounded by them. 
This in itself of course presents it own challenges, what would be of interest, what type of lines do I want?  Washing lines, lines on the road, queues, buildings??  So many questions, for what one would consider a simple photo choice; one thing about me, nothing is as simple as it ought to be.

I went to a local supermarket and whilst there, looking around I spotted lines everywhere, so I took out my camera (outside the building of course) and shot some photos of parking bays, wall patterns and shopping trolleys - whilst in the process of doing this, the local security rushed my way demanding I stop immediately.
I asked what the problem was and one of the two simply pushed out his chest, held on to the top of his nightstick and spouted off in Spanish in an aggressive tone.

2 things to tell you at this point: first, I dont speak Spanish that well and second (and more importantly) I do not take threats (or orders) well.  Needless to say I asked him does he speak English, he responded "no", so I told him to shut up (more or less), then spoke with his colleague a much more amicable person.  He did speak English; broken but none the less.
I explained my purpose and shown him the photos, he asked that I remove them and explained this was "private property" and I needed to get permission to take photos, he took my ID details and left it at that, fine.  Strangely enough had I stepped 10 yards there was no problem (or at least nothing he could have done about it).
Then as a little aside - the same shopping centre now has the Three Kings in there (like Santa Claus in UK) and low and behold all the moms and dads taking photos of their kids with the kings, WTF?!

So the new BS rules for toggers seems to be everywhere now, not just the UK :(
One thing that does pi** me off though is we cant take photos of innocent things, yet the acceptance of taking food from the garbage at these locations is acceptable?  When you also factor in camera phones and Google Earth anyone can get access if they want it, and why is it that everywhere seems to have the right to record you on 'security' cameras?  So really folks take a hard look and tell me what's wrong with this picture.

if both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable - what then? - George Orwell, 1984

Below are the pictures I took for week 1 - the chosen winning picture is HERE


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