Saturday, January 09, 2010

Week 2 of 52

So for this weeks challenge I set myself the task of Light and Shadow.  Now as we all know all photos are made of these elements, but one genre in particular uses this more than any other and that's FILM NOIR.

I set about doing some research into the genre both online and by watching DVD's (any excuse :)) and I saw some wonderful effects - surprisingly even though most are done in shadow it requires more light (in order to create the shadows).  I didn't have the benefit of wonderful fog, but I did go out a spot a great location near a bridge with cool street lights - sadly at 1 in the morning they turned off the lights (and I hadn't gotten the look I was after).

As for props - well I have a few of them which came in handy for some shots items like guns, handcuffs, cigarettes and of course hats.
This was a tough subject - why can't I keep things simple?  Maybe next week?  I did however learn more about lighting, light positioning, how to set a scene and I still have SO much to learn about night photography. 
I have some great concepts in my head, but producing them is another matter - still the lessons I'm learning will no doubt be useful in the future.
Extra quick tips: 
- if photographing at 1am take a torch with you
- work on your poses
- avoid cheap remotes, cold hands and little switches bad combination
- know what time they switch off the street/building lights you want to use!
The hardest thing I am still finding is trying to do it all alone - come up with concept, setup lights, setup camera, be my own model and take the photo.  Sadly Sandra is usually too tired as she has Pitu to look after whilst I am doing my crazy things.  So when she does offer her help it is greatly appreciated as I know how hard she works.

Well as for the final results - again not quite what I had in mind, technical knowledge and props lacking.
But in general happy with the shots I took, winning shot HERE.


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