Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 3 of 52

OK, I have to admit this week was tough.  Ariadna has been poorly and needing LOTS of attention and I was lacking energy and motivation this week which didn't help either; I have a lot going on right now :(
Also this is an early post as I have to work next week and wont be at home, which may mean next weeks will be late.

After the Film Noir week I thought it only right to bring a bit of colour back into play - so this week was COLOURS.
Now something to consider, knowing me it was not just gonna be me finding a colour and photographing it, ohhh no!  Time to get creative!

I like rainbows - no apparent reason I just like them.  So I thought what else has many colours.....    .....BUBBLES!
So I started blowing bubbles and trying to capture them on camera - now in the daylight, no worries, but indoors is a different story and what I was after I couldn't get; damn it!
Again it demonstrated how little I understood lighting, then trying to capture the bubble itself, again not as simple as I first thought, especially doing it all yourself.  In order to make big bubbles I bought a fish net (that you use to clean fish tanks with), it was a good size and worked, sort of.

I then decided I wanted to try to capture fire as that has cool colours too, but again I found it tough, I put a red gel on my flash and bought some Orujo; as I knew it made a blue flame.  Sadly a Brandy glass doesn't really work, I needed a Martini glass as its more open at the top, unfortunately I don't have one, and I couldn't find one! 
In the end I opted for all manner of things and I played with a few ideas light refraction etc, but again wasn't happy with all the results.

I think I just had a hard week mentally, I hope it doesn't last!

Anyhoo here are the shots from this week, again the chosen one can be found HERE


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