Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 5 of 52

In order not to fall behind on this one I had started putting ideas together whilst completing Week 4.  Also as I didn't have to work I had enough free time to devote to this week.

The theme for this week is LIQUID.
I was like the nutty professor in my room trying out some new ideas and making myself a mini tank; to do some really close up shots with my Macro lens.
I bought some 4"x6" photo frames, took out the glass panels and left about a half inch gap between them, then sealed the edges with silicone, left it to set and in the morning I had a VERY small tank in which I could put all manner of liquids and stuff for close up shots. 
The purpose of this 'bubble tank' can be seen in the pictures.

To be honest I was spoilt for choice and I wasn't short of ideas, in fact trying to put interesting twists on the ideas was harder and took more time.  I also revisited some of my earlier attempts at some photography ideas to see if I could improve upon them.

I took literally 100's of shots and narrowing down the chosen few was difficult, as just getting the shot on some took so long, I didn't want to just discard it.  The hardest shot which has alluded me so far is the collision of water droplets, I managed to get some, but no where near as cool as the shots Ash has; HERE or even Julian's shot HERE (these are shots I'm dying to get.)
However, I tried and that's the point and I was a step closer having actually gotten some collisions.

After managing to narrow down the choices I have picked about 15 - there wont normally be this many, I just couldn't help myself ;)
Enjoy the slideshow of those shots that didn't quite make it and HERE is the one that did.



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