Friday, February 12, 2010

Onwards and Upwards

This has been quite a week.  I was going to have to post my week 7 early but it seems I have been given some extra time from work as Vaughan decided to let me know with 2 days notice they had taken me off my schedule and I wasn't working because they had received complains from the last program I did, 3 weeks back!?  WTF? 
Anyway I am tired of all the BS so I have officially resigned from Vaughan Systems, more on that later.

Lots of things to sort out for my future now.  I am moving again; never do stay still for long, lol. 
I am going to put my photography to use and try and go pro with it, maybe a little soon but needs must.

We have started packing things up and getting quotes and its more than I would like for what little we actually have so if anyone has a magic carpet do let me know ;)

Pitu being her crazy self fell and hit head, then decided to go unconscious; kids!!!
Lucky I have been watching House M.D. so I knew with a cane, lumbar puncture and MRI we could solve anything; just kidding, but she did knock herself out and quickly came to after a minute.
China did this once when she fell down the stairs at home - it is a horrible feeling to have your child go limp in your arms :-S

So thats all I have to report right now, but stay tuned - things are afoot ;)


Andytgeezer said...

So it's all over dude (sorry a little behind here and catching up on your blog) - I'll be watching your flickr closely...

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