Sunday, February 07, 2010

Week 6 of 52

The theme for this week was FIRE

This was a hard one!  Now normally I would jump at the chance to set things on fire, but doing it constructively is a different matter.  One idea I would have loved to do was fire poi! 
Sadly I don't have any and I wasn't going to buy some just for this shot; but it would have been cool.
Another crazy Idea I had was to set fire to an aerosol spray can, as they give off huge flames, sadly this too didn't work; spray too strong (its dangerous anyway, and should only be attempted by trained professionals or idiots)

I finally found a Martini glass, bought it, got it home set fire to it and it cracked, due to the heat!!  So I substituted the Martini glass for a shot glass - which worked out better I noticed after looking at the shot (pun intended)  
So I played with a few candles and sparklers, tried to write my name - forgot had to spell it backwards; its always the small details :-S

I thought of some other crazy ideas, but didn't get round to actually do any of them, but it did get me thinking at least.

The photos I did take can be seen below and the winner as always can be seen HERE


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