Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 8 & 9 of 52

I struggled to get the subjects I wanted for week 8 so it got delayed, but this week is double bubble - two weeks for the price of one.

So this week I was trying my hand at portraits and wanted some different subjects other than Sandra and Pitu; I think they're bored of being in front of my camera.  I did try to do it all myself but it proved way too difficult, to set up, focus, click, edit position, click again etc etc.  So I was glad when some friends offered to help out as models for me.

Having finally managed to get models I took them out to a location which was a nice setting, only to find out my cheap wireless triggers decided not to work!? - so I couldn't use my flashes the way I was hoping.  So instead I made the best out off the situation and used the natural light, it was a little strong to be honest so I didn't get the effects I really wanted.
The annoying thing is back in the UK I have my Pocket Wizards (Poverty wizards or Pockets rinsers as they are known because they are so expensive) which would have done the job perfectly! 
Oh well, live and learn.

Having watched quite a bit of material on photography I was keen to try a few different types of shots, again this proved harder than the pro's make it look.
I did take many shots but after a bit of editing I only chose a few; due to interest, lighting and the pose. 

As for Week 9, I had odd one out as the subject, so lots of running around looking for similar yet different items to play with.  This was easier as close up and macro I enjoy and I can manipulate the subjects without much effort, unlike people.

So after finding likely subjects it was onto the actual photography.  I tried to be creative in the thought process to the shots and play with lighting and angles where possible.
Some of the pictures taken are below and the chosen photos can be found HERE & HERE




Em said...

Well caught up! Week 8 eyes/scarf is beautiful, and Week 9 great ideas. Look forward to the next lot, as ever.

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