Sunday, March 07, 2010

Back to the 80's

Well it seems all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has dried up and they have returned to the 80's for story lines.  This year has been a wash out for blockbuster movies.  So instead of trying to produce them they have decided simply to reinvent the past, with remakes of old 80's movies; and not just the good ones!

Nightmare on Elm Street - now Darker, moodier and probably better effects is all this will offer the viewer.  It is the same story line; even wording.  I for one love originals and this adds nothing new or interesting.

The Karate Kid - this again is Jackie Chan sadly trying hard to make the American market happy.  In this remake of The Karate Kid he plays a janitor that trains a child who is in a country not his own and being bullied.  Apart from the rubbish cliches, Jackie is teaching the child Kung Fu - but wait isnt it called The Karate Kid??  Small point overlooked!  It is without a doubt a great show piece for the young Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son), but nothing new or challenging for Jackie; I miss the old Jackie Chan.

The A-Team - I love old school corn, and it gets no better than The A-Team.  Is it worthy of a movie in its own right?? That remains to be seen.  The cast look good - Liam Neeson as Hannibal; could be interesting.  Looks a little Mission Impossible-ish, hopefully it will have a smattering of corn and not over-killed with effects.

Current works in the pipeline are: Short Circuit, Police Academy, Robocop, 21 Jump Street and Pet Cemetery.
They are also looking into the following, but not yet confirmed: Knight Rider, The Evil Dead, Conan the Barbarian, Akira, The Dirty Dozen, Death Wish and quite a few more; sadly.

To me this just shows the lack of vision Hollywood has.  If a movie deserves a remake then I'm all for it, but to do it just to keep actors and studios in business is ridiculous.
Lets hope they NEVER make the life story of Timmy Mallet!!!


Em said...

Much as I loved the 80s (OK, still do!), do we really have to be subjected to this?
NOES trailer is about as scary as a cup of tea, didn't see Karate Kid the first time round so no comment, and The A-Team. Really?!
Half of what makes the original films/TV series so good, is that they were so bad. And so of their time.
Fair enough, if you're not old enough to remember the originals and have never seen them, just maybe the new versions will hold some appeal. But for the rest of us, PLEASE leave our stuff alone!
As for the ones under consideration, I can't even begin! Most of them I was apathetic about the first time round (with the exception of Short Circuit which is cutesy and gloopy but I'll admit to liking it), but I swear if anyone thinks they're touching The Evil Dead, they'll have a lot to answer for. That's my childhood you're messing around with, people. Hands off!

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