Saturday, March 20, 2010

The beautiful people

This was my penultimate program and last week ever in Gredos.  Next week I'm in Valdelavilla then I have finished my work with Vaughan Systems altogether!

The group this week was a small group, but great mix of people and personalities.  This is without doubt what I will miss about no longer working in this field.
I was glad to see the weather held out for us.  It was nice and sunny and not too cold; a little breezy occasionally.  However, the folks were out and about enjoying themselves and the location.

Quemada was frightening - with Deanna really taking her role to heart, lol.
As usual I tried to use a lot of variety in the evenings and for the group activities and even though they are tough for some, the folks seemed to enjoy them.  Although I could tell that by Wednesday they were tired; they had worked so hard ;)
Cheers to Beaver for sharing his excellent singing and guitar skills, and having the stamina to complete three weeks back to back :-S

The presentations were good and some exceptional ones; Iciar and Juan Carlos - well done indeed.
To the Masters I wish you all the best with your future, keep practising English.
To the rest of the Spaniards, keep up the English and good luck with where life takes you.
To the Anglos - thanks you all for your support, patience and enthusiasm.

The party of course rocked!!  And I got a big thumbs up from Javier (a Spanish DJ, so it cant be bad)
Again at this point in the week everyone is relaxed and ready to let their hair down, as you can clearly see in the photos ;)
The only problem is my camera doesn't like to work like a point and shoot, and with the meeting room having very low ceilings, natural light, fluorescent light and tungsten light, it did make quite a challenge - I had to use on camera flash - which casts some awful shadows :(

This was also my last week working with Carmen - someone I will really miss working with.
Should you be lucky enough to meet her on your programs you will see what a sweet genuine person she is, she will help you with anything (except money and love)!

I decided this week to combine business with pleasure, as you know (if you follow my blog or website), I am doing a 52 week challenge - and being away from home for 2 weeks straight meant it would suffer.  So to ensure that didn't happen, not only did I take my usual snapshots of the week, but I also managed to squeeze in some portraiture work; using only natural or ambient light. 
The shots that I am most happy with (technically) will be used for my portfolio, if yours didn't make it - don't worry, you're still beautiful ;)
(they will be available for you on my picasa page)

As usual the shots from the week can be found by clicking below; the chosen shots for my portfolio are HERE


Em said...

Nice write-up. Really, don't worry that the people on your final program might be a bit miffed that they didn't get a blog entitled "Beautiful People" or any name checks. We don't mind. No, really, we don't! ;-)

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