Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 10 of 52

It feels every time I post my 52 project I have excuses, but really, this has been a busy week. 
Sorting out the house, building a website for my new venture (to be revealed), writing a business plan (for said venture) and trying to get to Madrid to sort my passport out before it expires and I become an illegal alien (speaking of aliens, I once convinced China I was an alien; but thats a story for another time).  Sadly taking shots in Madrid was a wash out, as it rained constantly :(

Needless to say the photos were not high on my priorities - but I was still mindful of doing the shoot.
Due to mentioned restrictions it meant I didn't do as many versions of this style as I would have liked, 
This weeks chosen topic was TRIPTYCH.   What is a triptych, you ask - well its three pieces of work joined into one, that have a similar theme.  I chose nature and what I could find, stone, bark and shells.  I also had in mind a coffee version too (just love coffee)
Not much to see this week, but they are below and the chosen shot is HERE



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