Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 11 & 12 of 52

I fell behind on my project and never managed to get week 11 done before having to leave for 2 weeks, working away.
So whilst working I made some time to get my shots in and complete Week 11 and 12.
Although this brings me up to date Week 13 is due in 2 days!!!
No one said this was going to be easy and if they did, they lied. 

So the topic I had for Week 11 was HEADSHOTS. 
Luckily there were a lot of willing candidates for me to use at work, so I did - All of them were done using natural or ambient light - I left my flash in the bag, as I wanted to try to use the light around us more as a challenge.

I also tried to capture them in a variety of ways so all the poses don't look alike.  The hard thing is for people to be natural knowing a camera is pointed right at them!

It was fun - the shots are below

Week 12's topic was THE GREAT OUTDOORS.  I chose this due to my location, it was literally in the middle of nowhere, in fact the towns around us have been abandoned for many years!
The place was called Valdelavilla in Soria, Spain.
So I took the chance to go trekking and capture some shots I could use.
I must admit I forgot how tiring trekking was, and I now know just how unfit I am; puff pant!!!

Well it was worth it, I managed to get some nice shots and see some great views, strangely enough hardly any wildlife at all though!?
Anyway hope you like the shots, click below to see them.


Well the chosen shots of both weeks can be found here WEEK 11 and here WEEK 12


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