Sunday, April 11, 2010

F^&K em and their law!

The sneaky SOB's in Government are rapidly pushing through a bill which could radically change the internet and freedom of information as it stands.  Its called the ''Digital Economy Bill''  (could it sound any vaguer?)
And the clauses within this bill are even worse: clause 43 also introduces “Extended Collective Licensing”.  This effectively means that anyone can use your photographs if they cannot 'find' you, does this mean ALL your work has to be watermarked or ran through some ownership process and by what means to they try to find the owners?
update: clause 43 has been removed.  But that may not be the end of it as they inserted a modified clause 8: The new clause allows the secretary of state for business to order the blocking of "a location on the internet which the court is satisfied has been, is being or is likely to be used for or in connection with an activity that infringes copyright".  So beware of what you say online!!!

Now dont get me wrong I'm actually in favour of the internet being policed to some degree - there is some really scary depraved sh*t out there.  And also a lot of dead sites which no longer exist only to clog up the net space - surprisingly enough it is not infinite!

However my issue with this bill is its is being controlled by assholes who are not even in touch with the world outside their front door let alone a virtual one.  Most MP's are old and dont get it anyway.
(now im not saying old people dont use/understand the internet, but in general it moves to fast for them to keep up with). 
The reason for this bill is NOT to protect us, the public, but to protect big corporate businesses!
Obviously the record companies are backing this bill as it suits their own agendas, I wonder do the artist feel the same, I doubt it.
I prefer the approach Radiohead took when they released an album and said "pay us what you think its worth" - this is a free market and one I'm sure people will subscribe too.

There is always going to be piracy lets face it - can it be monitored and controlled sure to some degree, but even back in the 80's I was copying games on tape for my Spectrum and recording music off the radio - did it really hurt the big companies?!

To be honest I would prefer 'rip off Britain' stop taxing the hell out of everything we buy and let us have it at a reasonable tax free price - that will help. 
I would prefer that they stop telling us how to live our lives and definitely stop eroding our civil liberties.
Bit by bit George Orwell's horror of 1984 is coming true:
War is peace
Ignorance is strength
Freedom is slavery

And as for those of you that say - "If you're not doing anything wrong you don't have anything to worry about".  Well that all depends on the definition of "wrong" - a definition that is usually defined by those who control the information.  It could be "wrong" to hold a certain political view.  It could be "wrong" to have a certain sexual orientation.  Perhaps it's "wrong" to hold a certain religious belief.
This is a dangerous road and one once travelled we will never return from.

This was sent to me by a friend EMMA - it may enlighten you as to what the DEBill is and how it will affect you CLICK ME


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