Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home and Away

Hey folks just want to give you a heads up.  If you are shipping large items (ie suitcases) back to UK from your destination or even within the UK I can highly recommend FREIGHTQUOTE.

I checked out several options due to the fact my case was too heavy to allow on the flight with Easyjet or Ryanair.  So I sought out other options, after choosing one I thought was OK a little researched proved invaluable as they feedbacks were awful.  I then looked around for alternatives and found freightquote.

The service was simple to use, highly professional, in fact whilst I was filling in the form they rang me to see if they could assist further!  I had one operative that worked with me from start to finish; which was nice rather than being passed around.  I had one hiccup a shipping document they sent via email didnt arrive?  But when I contacted they immediately resolved this and the shipment went ahead.
The price was acceptable and package arrived to UK with no problems in only 5 days - given the fact no one could fly for nearly a week I was surprised!!!

I know it is easy to say negative things about a company but when they do well they should also be praised - so a big thumbs up from me for FREIGHTQUOTE.


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