Saturday, April 03, 2010

Moving, all the people moving

With Vaughan now finished time to look for new pastures. 
We have moved out of our nice home and currently staying at Sandra's parents.  Sandra and Pitu will stay here for about 6 months whilst I get a business and life together back in the UK, then they will come to join me.  It will be hard not seeing Pitu and Sandra for all that time, but I know in the end it will be worth it - there is a lot to sort out.

I am excited about working with one of my best friends and the adventure that lies before me, but also aware that this is going to be a challenge and could well test of friendship to the limits. 
I am sure however it can and will survive.
The reason I am sure of this is we both have very different strengths which will be invaluable in our photography business and also we know each so well.

Sadly I left my passport until the last minute to get renewed - but it is now in Madrid awaiting collection.  However it is a holiday here in Spain; Semana Santa (Holy Week) so I cannot collect it until next week, without that I cannot book my flight ticket. 
Sometimes it seems that Spain is permanently on holiday.

I am eager to return and get things going, but I also need to wrap things up here too.
After deciding all the things I 'need' to take leaving behind half of my clothes, I realised I was way over my weight allowance for any airlines!  This means I will now have to send a suitcase alone with a courier service due to excess weight, at least it means I don't have to go without the things I want to take.  I did offer to go naked to save weight but for some reason my friends on Facebook didn't like that idea!??

So within 2 weeks or so I will be back in UK - you have been warned!


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