Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The waiting game

Its been a while since I stopped work and I'M BORED!!!  I don't do bored well.  

I have sorted out my flight and sourced a shipping company for my case, the one I was going to go with - I don't know something was amiss.  So with the joys of internet I checked them out and I'm so glad I did, not one positive comment!  Research people, it pays in the end.
That's not to say of course the company I have gone with is any better but I shall soon know. 
What I will say is whilst I was online filling out the request shipping form I received a call, not initially recognising the name of the company I asked him to repeat where he was from, it turns out it was the company I was filling out the online form with (they are either VERY efficient or desperate!?). 
Either way he was courteous and said he would call me back if he saw I was having any problems at all, now thats service.

One thing that drove me crazy is the UK for all its wonderful public transport systems doesnt seem to be user friendly in terms of purchasing suitable timed tickets or suitable connection from A to B.
The train ticket for example, I wanted to book it online so it was all taken care of.
Checked availability, good, checked times, good, checked prices, excellent (if booked early) all was going so well (which should have been a clue) - that was until I went to buy the ticket, I couldn't.
The system wouldn't accept a card outside of UK?!  OK, plan B, use my mates card to buy the ticket, can't I have to have the card when collecting said ticket!  WTF!?!?!
Seriously people you are destroying the tourism industry for people wanting to visit the UK.
I could book a coach, but it took 6 and half hours when the train too 2 and half - why it stopped over for 2 hours in Birmingham.
I couldn't get connections from certain airports and if I could the coach service only ran after 1 pm, I was due to arrive at 9am?  I don't get it I just don't!
Now it seems I cant pre-book my train and will have to get my ticket when I arrive and pay 50 pounds instead of 10!

For now though it's a waiting game; waiting to be paid (tomorrow all being well), to have my suitcase picked up (Friday), to exchange my money (Monday), to fly 'home' (Tuesday) to arrive 'home' 2pm Tuesday.
To pass some time we went out and about to a park in Valladolid and I got to photography some wildlife there (Week 16) and we will spend a day or so in Madrid before I go to the airport for my early flight.

I know it sounds bad, but I don't like that 'limbo' feeling, I prefer to know where I am, what I'm doing and where I'm heading.  Once back in the UK of course I have A LOT to sort and arrange there.
The aim is that Sandra and Pitu will join me in 6 months, so I have my work cut out - not only trying to secure work but also building a life and home for the to come to.

On a personal note I have been looking through my photos, and although I can still pick fault with them and still dont understand all I need to and I'm lacking some required skills, I am actually happy with my progress.  I can actually see it; which is nice.  
I have gone through my site and deleted 'filler' images and trying to maintain good solid images.
I still dont think I have a 'style' to speak of, or for that matter a preferred subject matter, and at this point I dont think I need to, how else will I find out what I like if I don't try all options.
But a years practise has indeed paid off.  It will be interesting to see how much more improvement will be made by next year, having a colleague work along side of.


Em said...

Well, seeing as limbo is technically supposed to be the border with hell, I don't think you're meant to like it!
Sure the next few days will fly by and you'll be zooming down through the clouds of volcanic ash before you know it.
THEN the work starts!

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