Thursday, April 08, 2010

Week 14 of 52

OK, I am falling behind with this project and still have a lot to do for my move so not sure if/when I will get more shots done.  So to ensure I don't fall too far behind I have decided that this week I am playing a wildcard!
What does that mean?  Well, I can use ANY photos I have taken since beginning my 52 week challenge that have not used in any other weeks sets.
I have taken lots of shots of many different things, some I submitted some I didn't for various reasons: not as strong as the ones I did submit or simply too similar; however still good photos in their own right.

In this set you will see an eclectic bunch of shots with no determined theme, but should still be enjoyable and interesting shots nonetheless.
The chosen shot as usual can be found by clicking HERE



Em said...

Wildcards should always be permissible! And very good they are too.
Keeping this up week in, week out was always going to be a challenge and with everything else going on, nigh on impossible at the moment.
You can't do everything. You're not Superman. Oh, right, hang on, apparently you are.

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