Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 16 of 52

I managed to squeeze in another weeks project before I leave for the land of no internet.

Whilst out and about in Valladolid we went to a park and saw lots of wildlife, peacocks, birds and even red squirrels - thats a big thing in the UK the grey squirrel has almost eradicated the red squirrel.
So I snapped off some shots, quick tip small creatures move fast, be ready!!

Shooting in natural light and trying to find suitable shade yet still in shot of the creatures was my first challenge, then getting them close enough was my next, following that was dealing with the public that flocked around like pigeons fighting over crumbs of bread.  My final challenge was looking for a good sharp shot, I had lots of blurred scurrying away shots, if anyone needs them let me know ;)

I have 2 favs of the shots I took one of the squirrel and one of the Great tit, on this occasion though Sandra and I differ on which shots are best, so at this point I dont have a fav to post to my website.
I have uploaded them to Flickr and which ever gets the most views/comments will get posted.

So I guess its time to see the shots, and dont forget please go to Flickr and let me know which YOU prefer ;)


OK, finally it was a close call between 2 of the squirrel shots but this one pipped it - THE CHOSEN SHOT


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